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Wensleydale Sheep in Yelm Washington
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Prairie Ranch - Yelm Washington
Polish Tatra with Wensleydale Sheep

This is the OWCZAREK PODHALANSKI breed. It originates in Poland and is commonly referred to as the Polish Tatra Mountain Dog. In early 2002 we imported 2 unrelated puppies from Poland. They both took on their own personalities and have become very helpful with the sheep and guard duties. In 2003 we brought in another female, Ninni, from Finland to join the clan. In early 2004 we lost our oldest female so we are back to 2 dogs at this time.

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Above and below is Rapper (Repcio)

He is our main guard dog and is always on alert. They are very nocturnal and keep an eye on the parimeter of our property all night. He likes to lay on the hill where he can see the sheep and all that is going on. He is a great member of our ranch and watches his sheep and our Schnauzer puppies with care.

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